Christmas Tree Offering Craft for Kids

Kids can decorate this tree with coins as their Christmas gift to God! This is a fun and easy way to help kids in your home, church, or Good News Club participate in a Christmas offering. Simply print the trees on cardstock and send them home with the kids so they can use coins as "ornaments" to decorate them. The text on the front of the tree explains how and why to decorate the tree. You can even write and print your own letter to parents on the back of the tree to provide more details about what the Christmas offering will be used for as well as contact information in case they have further questions about this fun Christmas themed craft for kids.  (Use the coupon code FREE at checkout to get this resource 100% free.)


"These are GREAT resources for kids, whether you are a parent, teacher or both! These ideas connect with kids and help them know and enjoy Jesus while at the same time enjoying being kids." ~ Ashley (Homeschool Mom)